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1. Westward Bound

2. Reuters: US may soon pause delivery of F-35s to Turkey

3. Energy, maritime security on the agenda at Israel summit

4. Turkey expects delivery of F-35s in November

5. Cyprus bans Boeing 737 Max flights

Aviation officials in Cyprus have banned all flights on the Boeing 737 Max following a European directive issued after an Ethiopia Airlines plane crashed on Sunday...

6. Cyprus aims to maintain the same number of tourists as in 2018

7. Will the US and Turkey break up over Russian S-400?

8. Lebanon warns against EastMed gas pipeline

9. Cyprus third in EU citizenships relative to population

Cyprus came in third place for highest number of citizenships granted in 2017 relative to population, while there was an EU-wide decrease in the overall numbers from previous years...

10. Implementation of the Multilateral Instrument

11. Israeli organ trafficker walks free in Cyprus

An Israeli man convicted of international human organ trafficking walked free on Tuesday, after Russian authorities failed to challenge a Larnaca judge who dismissed an extradition request...

12. Robber takes victim on a cash withdrawal spree

Police are investigating a case in Limassol where a male suspect robbed a foreign businessman and then forced him to withdraw cash from several ATM’s...

13. Optimism in Cyprus ahead of ExxonMobil results

14. ExxonMobil VP for Europe exploration to brief Cyprus President

15. Cyprus treads carefully in Moscow visit

16. Maid arrested on theft charges in Paphos

A housemaid in Paphos is under arrest after her Russian employer told police a Rolex watch worth €25,000 had been stolen while she was away overseas...

17. Russian man arrested at Nicosia checkpoint

A man, who was ordered to surrender his travel documents during a criminal trial, was detained a Nicosia checkpoint after officers found a second passport in his possession...

18. Interview with Egyptian Ambassador Mai Taha Mohamed Khalil

19. Major European nations recognise Guaido as Venezuela's president

20. US: ''Perpetual peacekeeping missions unacceptable''

21. Wess Mitchell and the musical chairs in the Trump foreign policy team

22. Erdogan’s mosques in the Balkans

23. Greek Foreign Ministry: Russia undermines Prespes peace deal

24. Unknown Russian woman still in jail

A Russian woman is being detained in Cyprus on an international arrest warrant issued by Russian authorities, while no details have been released about her identity...

25. Bloomberg: Russians are downsizing in Cyprus

26. Failure to rise to the occasion

There has always been a shortage of inspired and bold leaders in this place we call home. Putting aside a few odd flares here and there, those who led the country failed to rise to the occasion by being self-absorbed politicians with opportunism embedded in their DNA...

27. Hackers leak German Politicians' personal data

28. US Senator: Turkey must choose between US F-35 jets and Russian S-400

29. North cries foul over Israelis denied entry

A recent denial of entry to Israeli nationals at Larnaca airport has caused uproar in the north, with Turkish Cypriot officials accusing the Republic of Cyprus of blocking travelers without basis...

30. China lands on the far side of the moon

A Chinese space probe successfully touched down on the far side of the moon on Thursday, state media said, hailing it as an historic first landing there on a mission seen as an important step for China’s space program...