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1. Cyprus seeks EU sanctions against Turkey

2. Fiscal Council: Implement reforms and maintain surpluses

3. Anastasiadescare

4. IMF: Cyprus economic recovery gradually decelerating but remains strong

5. JPMorgan coming to Cyprus

6. President appoints new Justice Minister

7. Cyprus 'one of the success stories of ESM'

8. EU vote across Europe

9. Old Greece is waiting around the corner

10. BOC leadership change will not disrupt momentum Ackermann says

11. Justice minister to step down over Mitseros case

Justice Minister Ionas Nicolaou tendered his resignation on Thursday over criticism aimed at the police for failing to investigate cases of foreign missing women, some of whom were murdered...

12. President reiterates commitment to high economic growth

13. Erdogan pays electoral price for Turkey's tumbling economy

14. IMF warns of 'increasing headwinds to sustained growth'

15. Pharmacists opt in

A vote by the Cyprus Pharmaceutical Association on Wednesday gave the final nod for private pharmacists to join GESY, the biggest healthcare overhaul in Cyprus...

16. 10th Economic Ideas Forum takes on Cyprus economic reforms

17. The highest price to pay

I apologize for writing in first person but when something so self-evident ends up being ignored even by our very own institutions, then allow me to hark back to the three flaws that keep this place miserable...

18. Finance Minister to stay on until the end of the year

19. You can call it political karma

With the re-election of Nicos Anastasiades, many were puzzled with Harris Georgiades’ decision to insist that he not be reappointed finance minister. Having a clear path ahead of him and a brewing storm miles away, shouldn’t he be entitled to leaving while things were still good?...

20. EU parliament calls for freeze on Turkey's membership talks

21. Finish what you started on reforms, IMF tells Greece

22. Eurogroup may put off tranche decision to Greece

The chances that the 1-billion-euro tranche will be disbursed to Greece are diminishing, as this Monday’s Eurogroup is not expected to grant its approval, given that the Greek government has not completed all the necessary reforms, according to a eurozone official who spoke to reporters on Thursday....

23. Game Changer

President Anastasiades was on a long drift in the ocean and on the stage of international diplomacy but luckily he was rescued at the last moment...

24. EU unhappy with Greek reforms, debt relief in doubt

Greece's bailout creditors say the country has fallen behind on several key reforms that have been set as a condition for debt relief....

25. Parsimonious northerners are the euro's biggest winners, study shows

Germany and the Netherlands have benefited enormously from the euro over the 20 years since its launch, a study has found, while for almost every other member the single currency has been a serious drag on economic growth....

26. Key moments, tough decisions

27. CMA fires back at whistleblower doctor

The medical council of the Cyprus Medical Association has dismissed allegations from a former member, who accused his colleagues of undermining efforts to implement GESY...

28. Cyprus's first private power station to reduce electricity prices

29. Tsipras says constitutional revision reflects will for reforms

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Wednesday called for changes to the country's Constitution that included, among others, changes to the way the president is elected, expanding the use of referendums and limiting the parliamentary terms of lawmakers, during a debate on the constitutional revision....

30. Egypt - Cyprus agreement for Block 12 gas field attracts great investor interest