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26 April, 2019


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1. Sorry

The tragedy surrounding the serial killer murders is not only a crime against the victims and their families. It is also a crime against the country, so we need to look deep within ourselves to figure out what went wrong...

2. Another body turns up in the Filipina murders

Another dead body turned up in the investigation of the Filipina murders, with media sources saying the suspected serial killer reportedly gave another confession but could not remember if the victim was from India or Nepal...

3. Cyprus raises 1.25 billion euros to repay Russian loan early

4. UN report on Cyprus circulates as official document

5. Woman found dead on Nicosia rooftop

Police are investigating the death of a European woman whose body was found on the roof of a building in downtown Nicosia ...

6. Authorities regroup in Mitseros search

Authorities are entering second phase in the Mitseros murders, as they begin to scrutinize the past of a suspected serial killer and prepare to inspect the bottom of a lake inch-by-inch in search of a missing little girl...

7. Ready for prime time?

8. Cyprus to issue 5 and 30 year bonds

9. Body count in Mitseros still unknown

Police in Cyprus are scrambling to locate and identify bodies of foreign women following the arrest of a suspected serial killer, while the total number of slain victims is unknown with critics accusing law enforcement of not doing enough...

10. New IRA 'apologizes' for killing of Northern Ireland journalist

11. President in Beijing for Belt and Road Forum

12. More experts join Mitseros investigation

A former student of the suspected serial killer says the army captain was fascinated with Mitseros during photography lessons but there was never any indication that he might be a psychopath...

13. Cops to search Mitseros “as long as it takes”

Police are back to the drawing board as an underwater search failed to locate a missing Filipino girl, whose mother and another woman were murdered by a suspected serial killer last year...

14. Death toll from Sri Lanka attacks rises sharply to 290

15. Senator Menendez and the Greek Americans

16. Anastasiades to hold a meeting with Putin in China

17. Menendez: Turkey has ‘no chance’ of getting both F-35s and S-400‘no-chance-of-getting-both-f-35s-and-s-400

18. Cops in the hot seat over Filipina murders

The president of the Housemaids Association of Cyprus says he was told off by police in Limassol when he went to inquire about the investigation into Marry Rose’s disappearance...

19. Construction painter falls to his death

A construction painter was killed in an accident over the weekend in Larnaca, after he fell from the third floor of a building while working...

20. US Treasury official: Cyprus has made huge progress in combating money laundering

21. Son-in-law diplomacy

22. Traffic cops to get unmarked vehicles

The Cyprus traffic police department is planning to buy new high-performance cars to use as unmarked vehicles for catching speeders on the highway...

23. East Med Gas Forum to turn into an international organisation

24. Two worlds on a collision course

When Nicos Anastasiades was campaigning in 2013 for the presidency in the Republic of Cyprus under the banner “leadership in times of crisis” many people bought into the idea that the leader on the right would recognize the gravity of the situation and had a plan ready to get the country out of a tight spot...

25. Political Will

26. Teen’s death reopens after shocking revelations

Police say they will re-examine the case of a teenager who died over the weekend at a birthday party, following second-hand information about bullying and binge drinking...

27. Opposition flaws are democracy’s problem

28. US Assistant Secretary for terrorist financing to visit Cyprus

29. Forging a common policy line

30. Cops scale up search in Mitseros

Police are searching for the young daughter of a Filipina woman, whose body has been identified by next of kin while the victim’s ex boyfriend and father of the child was placed in custody...