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Cyprus cheers as beer sales bubble up in 2023

Hoppy times as exports jump 9%, marking a frothy year for the island nation


In a frothy turn of events, Cyprus witnessed a 1.5% surge in total beer sales last year, with a notable 9% boost in exports. According to the hop-tastic data from the Statistical Service of Cyprus (Cystat), the island nation guzzled down a total of 42.13 million liters of beer in 2023, celebrating a spirited rise from 41.49 million in 2022.

Locals were spotted raising their glasses, contributing to a 1.1% increase in beer consumption for local pleasure, sipping their way through 36.69 million liters in 2023.

The real party, however, happened on the global stage, with beer exports enjoying an 8.9% annual growth, reaching a respectable 2.44 million liters in 2023. Cystat added some hoppy details, highlighting the surge from 2.24 million liters in the previous year.

December brought a slight hangover as total beer deliveries took a 13.3% dip year on year. However, the plot twist came with a surprising twist in the form of doubled exports, showcasing a staggering 97% increase. Locals might have slowed down their pace, but the global demand for Cypriot brews was in full swing, raising a glass to an impressive 112,913 liters in December 2023 compared to 57,466 liters in the same month of 2022. Cheers to a hoppy new year!


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