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20 July, 2024

Cyprus shines with 20% tourism surge!

Our Island of Legends steals the show, lighting up the tourism stage with a dazzling surge


In a burst of post-pandemic enthusiasm, Cyprus shines as the EU's tourism star, celebrating an impressive 20% surge in 2023 – a dazzling spectacle second only to a breathtaking fireworks display!

Defying the odds, our beloved island steals the spotlight, outshining nearly all EU member states (sorry Luxembourg, maybe next time!). Early estimates from Eurostat unveil Cyprus not just as a sunny getaway but the go-to destination for an unforgettable holiday escapade.

Almost every EU country decided to join the travel festivities, with Malta and Cyprus leading the charge, showcasing growth that's the envy of travel enthusiasts. Eight other EU members, including Slovakia, Latvia, Bulgaria, Austria, Czechia, Portugal, Romania, and Greece, also put on a show with growth rates surpassing 10%.

When it comes to the numbers game, Germany and Spain take center stage, boasting an overnight success story – 32.8 million and 32.3 million extra nights spent, respectively. It's a slumber party extravaganza!

The EU's tourism sector hosts its own celebration, hitting a record 2.92 billion nights spent in 2023, smashing pre-pandemic levels and setting a new rhythm for the accommodation sector. International guests seize the spotlight, with a whopping 146 million more nights spent, proving the EU is back on the global tourism stage.

After a three-year hiatus, international tourists reclaim their position, contributing 46% of the 2.87 billion nights spent in 2023. It's like they never left! While still perfecting their travel plans (-0.4% compared to 2019), international tourists are making a triumphant comeback.

In terms of accommodation, hotels snag the "Life of the Party" award, claiming 63% of the spotlight with 1.8 billion nights spent. Holiday stays and campsites also have their moments, contributing 24% and 13% to the grand tourism spectacle.

So, pack your adventure hats and sunscreen, folks – Cyprus is the EU's go-to destination for a holiday extravaganza that's nothing short of legendary! Let the good times roll in the Mediterranean paradise!

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