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Goody's returns to Nicosia

New location at The Mall of Cyprus sparks competition among fast food giants


The beloved Greek fast food chain Goody's has made a triumphant return to Nicosia, opening its doors at The Mall of Cyprus on June 19, according to a report in this Sunday's Kathimerini by Anna Polyviou.

The new store marks Goody's second location in Cyprus since its comeback last September in Limassol. Nestled among other popular fast food giants like McDonald's, KFC, and Burger King, Goody's entry is set to heat up the competition and offer more choices to consumers.

The Goody's outlet is located on the first floor of the mall and offers meals for takeaway or dining in the mall's common seating areas, as it lacks a dedicated dining space. Plans are underway to introduce delivery services, although a contact number for the store has not yet been provided.

Goody's, part of the Vivartia Group, originally launched in Cyprus in 1997 on Makarios Avenue in Limassol. After operating five stores nationwide, the chain withdrew in 2015 due to financial issues. Its return in 2022 signaled a new era for the brand, with plans for expansion to achieve nationwide coverage.

The chain's first store opened in Thessaloniki in 1973 and expanded to Athens in 1981. Known for its popular children's meals under the Junior Goody's brand, Goody's continues to be a staple in Greek fast food culture.

As Goody's settles into its new home in Nicosia, the coming months will reveal how the presence of this new competitor will influence consumer choices and foot traffic at The Mall of Cyprus.

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