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Mallias Winery: Reviving Cyprus's ancient grape varieties

How KEO's historic efforts rescued and sustained Cypriot wine heritage and won an honorary award at the 2024 Gastronomos Awards


In the 1990s, Mallias Winery, originally established by KEO in 1927, played a pivotal role in redefining Cypriot wine by rescuing indigenous grape varieties on the brink of extinction. Under CEO and oenologist Akis Zambartas, Mallias collaborated with Lyon professor Pierre Galle to identify and preserve 14 scattered grape varieties from Cyprus.

"These indigenous varieties, like Maratheytiko and Giannoudi, were crucial in reshaping our winemaking landscape," says Timos Boyas, the winery's agronomist since 1998, who oversees their expansive 500-acre vineyard. "They not only revived ancient traditions but also contributed protocols that benefitted other wineries."

Through meticulous cultivation, Mallias Winery has become a cornerstone of stability, safeguarding Cyprus's viticultural heritage. "These native grapes define our identity both locally and internationally," emphasizes oenologist Aristi Christodoulou.

Mallias Winery, located in Malia, Limassol district, continues to share its expertise and plants with wineries across Cyprus, ensuring the legacy of Cypriot wine endures.

For more information, visit Mallias Winery at or contact T/ 25020000.


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