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19 June, 2024

Hellenic Bank cuts fees for customers

Enhanced services and support initiatives introduced


Hellenic Bank is taking steps to enhance its services and support its customers. Mr. Phoebus Stasopoulos, the Senior Banking Manager of Hellenic Bank, announced the expansion of the limit for free SEPA transfers through Online Banking. Starting from January 2, 2024, customers can now make free transfers up to €5,000, up from the previous limit of €1,000. This free service applies to euro-denominated transfers within the EU, with regular execution dates.

Simultaneously, Mr. Stasopoulos announced a special initiative benefiting low-pension customers. Those with pensions of less than €800 per month, held in a Hellenic Bank savings account, will enjoy zero charges for maintaining their savings accounts for one year, effective from October 1, 2023. These measures are designed to provide immediate support to those in need, with a temporary duration.

Mr. Andreas Assiotis, Head of Retail Banking, emphasized the importance of supporting society during a period of high inflation. He stated that relief measures should be targeted, with a focus on vulnerable groups, particularly the elderly. To enhance the banking experience for seniors, Hellenic Bank introduced "meeter and greeter" services in branches. This initiative aims to familiarize customers with the bank's free online channels and will continue as part of the bank's commitment to improving service and support for all customers, especially seniors.

Furthermore, starting from January 2, 2024, customers aged 65 and over, who may find it challenging to use alternative service channels, will benefit from reduced charges for cashier transactions. This includes not only lower charges for cash withdrawals at the cashier but also reduced fees for cash and cheque deposits, as well as cheque cashing at the cashier.

It's important to note that customers with disabilities are able to make cash withdrawals and deposits at the cash desk without any charges. Additionally, European Economic Area (EEA) recipients can obtain and maintain a Basic Account at no cost. This account comes with a Basic debit card, enabling them to perform all basic banking transactions free of charge.

Moreover, Hellenic Bank distinguishes itself as the only bank in Cyprus that allows its customers to make free euro-denominated cash withdrawals from ATMs worldwide using a debit card linked to a Hellenic Bank Savings Account or Basic Account.

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