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Banks to prioritize elderly and disabled clients

New law puts vulnerable people at the front of the line in banks

Newsroom / CNA

Starting from next Monday, September 25th, bank branches in Cyprus will be introducing a new priority service policy aimed at benefiting individuals with disabilities and those aged 75 and above, as announced by the Association of Banks of Cyprus.

In accordance with an official press release, the physical service areas within the banks have already been prepared for this change, which will be legally enforced starting next week.

Notably, the banks played a pivotal and constructive role during public consultations held at the House of Representatives. By actively presenting their perspectives on the matter, they are now implementing the final decision.

Specifically, member banks of the Association of Banks of Cyprus will be adhering to the provisions outlined in Law 9(I)/2023, which mandates the prioritization of specific population groups in public service areas. Consequently, within the branches of these member banks, individuals with disabilities and those aged 75 or older will receive preferential treatment.

Prominent informational signage has been prominently displayed within the public service areas of these member bank branches to ensure clarity and awareness.

It's worth noting that this legislation applies to both public and private enterprises serving the public and necessitates appropriate waiting accommodations.

Furthermore, many banks have already voluntarily adopted this policy, striving to provide more efficient and considerate service to vulnerable segments of the population who may experience health-related challenges while waiting.

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