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HIO President assures no increase in GESY contributions until 2030

Stavros Michael addresses concerns on service quality, system abuses, and doctor shortages within GESY

In a recent interview on the DIASPORA NEWS show, Stavros Michael, the president of the Health Insurance Organization (HIO), announced that there would be no rise in the contributions of beneficiaries to GESY until at least 2030. Mr. Michael firmly stated that the plan does not include any increase in contributions, ensuring financial stability for the foreseeable future.

During the interview, Mr. Michael also highlighted three pressing concerns within GESY that demand immediate attention.

First and foremost, he addressed the issue of service quality, underscoring ongoing efforts to establish stringent quality criteria for personal doctors and introduce new medicines and services. The aim is to enhance the overall quality of healthcare provided to beneficiaries.

Furthermore, Mr. Michael shed light on the persisting problem of abuses within the system, involving both doctors and other healthcare providers. He called upon citizens to actively support efforts to tackle this issue, emphasizing the importance of their cooperation in curbing fraudulent practices.

Lastly, Mr. Michael raised the issue of the shortage of doctors in certain specialized fields, which has resulted in growing waiting lists for patients. This scarcity of medical professionals in specific specialties requires immediate attention to ensure timely access to healthcare services.

As the HIO president, Stavros Michael's statements provide valuable insights into the future of GESY and highlight the pressing concerns that must be addressed promptly to improve the overall functioning of Cyprus' national health system.

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