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Larnaca anticipates over 400,000 tourists this season

Aims for year-round appeal


Mayor Andreas Vyras is optimistic about the numbers for the tourism season in Larnaca, expecting it to be over 400,000 visitors visiting the province alone. In an interview with CNA, Vyras emphasized that Larnaca has become a year-round tourist hotspot, drawing travelers for its diverse offerings beyond sun and sea.

"Tourism isn't just about the beach; it's about history, culture, and monuments," Vyras noted, highlighting the city's strategic focus on broadening its tourism scope. He added, "Larnaca, one of the world's oldest inhabited cities, along with its mountainous province, has the potential to significantly contribute to Cyprus' tourism scene."

Attributing recent successes to coordinated efforts, Vyras acknowledged the city's institutions, including the Municipality and the Larnaca Tourism Development and Promotion Company. Since 2016, visitor numbers have nearly doubled, a testament to ongoing initiatives and actions designed to enrich the tourism experience.

Electronic mapping of museums and guided tours of monuments are among these initiatives, aiming to attract a larger number of tourists and elevate the overall quality of their visits.

Commenting on the 2023 hotel occupancy rates, Vyras confirmed that this year's performance has been robust, almost matching the numbers from 2019. Notably, visitors from countries like Israel and Poland have compensated for the loss of the Russian and Ukrainian markets due to prevailing circumstances.

With short distances and the addition of new hotels, Larnaca positions itself as a year-round destination, encouraging travelers to engage in various activities throughout the seasons. Vyras highlighted the city's advantage of hosting diverse sporting and cultural events such as marathons, shooting championships, and karate tournaments, ensuring a steady flow of enthusiasts year-round.

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