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28 February, 2024

Major announcement positions Cyprus for cutting-edge healthcare

Vivant Medical Investments unveils ambitious plans for Cyprus' largest fully accredited university hospital with state-of-the-art infrastructure and global collaborations


In a significant development, Vivant Medical Investments PLC disclosed plans for AHEPA University Hospital Cyprus on Monday, positioning it as the largest private and fully accredited university hospital in Cyprus. The announcement transpired during a press conference held at the IMC building on November 27, drawing attention from various media outlets.

Mr. Christakis Partasidis, Chairman of the Board of Directors, presided over the event, where Professor Dr. Ioannis Patrikios, Board Member and Deputy Dean of the Medical School of the European University Cyprus, outlined the hospital's features and advantages. Ms. Francine Westergaard, Principal Accreditation Consultant from The Joint Commission International, elaborated on the pivotal role of hospital accreditation.

Dr. Alfred Barich, a Board Member of the AHEPA University Hospital of Thessaloniki, delved into the potential of a multi-level cooperation agreement between the AHEPA university hospitals.

Savvas Tsivikos, Supreme President of the AHEPA World Council, expressed support for the project and shared insights into the broader vision for the World Fraternity during his presidency.

Andreas Kaises, VMI shareholder, announced the decision of the VMI Board of Directors to appoint Savvas Tsiviko as Honorary President.

Key Features and Services of AHEPA University Hospital Cyprus

Situated in the iconic IMC Mansion, an architecturally distinguished 18,000m2 structure designed by Lord Cunliff, the hospital represents an €80 million investment, encompassing state-of-the-art technological infrastructure and cutting-edge medical equipment.

The hospital aims to offer a comprehensive range of medical services, including 100 outpatient clinics, approximately 200 inpatient health care clinics, an Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Accident and Emergency Department (AED), specialized Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Departments, 10 fully equipped operating theatres, and 2 catheterization rooms/laboratories.

Positioned as Cyprus' inaugural fully accredited hospital, it will adhere to rigorous protocols and a documented operating system, ensuring the highest standards of care and facilitating clinical research. The hospital is anticipated to set the stage for accrediting other hospitals in Cyprus, aligning with the strategic objective of attracting medical tourism.

The strategic partnership with AHEPA provides access to a global network of health professionals, including esteemed academics, doctors, and researchers. The hospital's interconnection with the AHEPA University Hospital of Thessaloniki amplifies this collaboration, promising significant advancements in Cyprus's healthcare sector.

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