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Cyprus's mental health services focus on prevention

Creating a community of well-being


In a world where the challenges of modern life continue to escalate, the importance of comprehensive mental health services cannot be overstated.

The Mental Health Services Department (MHSD) of the Cyprus Health Services Organization (Cyprus HSO) stands as a pivotal institution in addressing these concerns, offering a multifaceted approach to mental well-being.

MHSD, an integral component of Cyprus HSO, extends a wide range of services encompassing both inpatient and outpatient care, with a primary focus on addressing mental health issues. The MHSD's services revolve around three key areas:

1. Mental Health Services for Adults
2. Mental Health Services for Children and Adolescents
3. Dedicated Services for Combating Addiction

What truly sets MHSD apart is its unwavering commitment to specialized and unique offerings. Within its purview, you'll find:

The Center for Children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders, providing tailored care for children facing neurodevelopmental challenges.

The Prevention and Treatment Center for Eating Disorders in Minors, offering crucial support for minors grappling with eating disorders.

Psychiatric Clinics in Nicosia and Limassol, offering optional hospitalization to cater to diverse mental health needs.

The Therapeutic Unit for Dependent Individuals, addressing both physical and mental addiction for a holistic approach to recovery.

Substance Substitution Centers, forming a nationwide network of facilities aimed at assisting those battling substance addiction.

A Smoking Cessation Program accessible in every district, complete with a dedicated helpline to aid in overcoming tobacco addiction.

The Pediatric Occupational Therapy Unit, providing specialized care to children with occupational therapy needs.

Athalassa General Hospital, a key player in providing high-quality mental health services.

The Adolescent Inpatient Care Unit, dedicated to addressing the unique mental health needs of adolescents.

Day Centers and Occupational Rehabilitation Units, vital resources for individuals on their journey to recovery.

MHSD understands the multifaceted nature of mental health issues and adopts a collaborative approach to ensure comprehensive therapeutic coverage. Each specialist within MHSD operates within an interdisciplinary team, fostering a holistic approach to patient care.

The department places a strong emphasis on continuous professional development, providing staff with opportunities for growth both locally and internationally.

MHSD is not limited to Cyprus; it actively participates in European programs, collaborating with mental health experts from European Union member states. This collaborative approach aims to exchange experiences and best practices, ultimately resulting in innovative initiatives and services designed to enhance the mental well-being of citizens.

MHSD also fosters partnerships with academic institutions and extends a warm welcome to students from universities outside Cyprus, fostering a rich environment for learning and research.

To ensure the efficient operation of each structure within MHSD, the role of the Scientific and Organizational Coordinator is pivotal. This administrative hierarchy enhances organization and coordination, underpinning the delivery of high-quality care.

MHSD's ultimate goal is to shift services from psychiatric institutions to community-based settings, aligning with the practices of European Union countries.

This transition involves modernizing therapeutic approaches based on the guidelines of the World Health Organization and the European Union, expanding specialized services to provide comprehensive care and better outcomes, continuous staff training and education, and the construction of the New Mental Health Center.

With the completion of this project, Cyprus aims to provide high-quality and modern standard mental health services to its citizens, emphasizing individual needs, in line with the recommendations of the World Health Organization, the Council of Europe, and the European Union.

For more information and to reach out to the Mental Health Services Department, please visit the Cyprus HSO website at or contact them at 22402101. Cyprus MHSD is not just a healthcare provider; it's a beacon of hope, a guardian of mental well-being, and a testament to the power of comprehensive care.

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