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Mykonos bar ordered to remove illegal builds or face 22m euro fine

The owners have 10 days to comply before the fine is imposed

Kathimerini Greece Newsroom

The owners of the Principote beach club in Panormos on the island of Mykonos started work on Monday to remove some of the illegal constructions for which they have been fined 22.2 million euros.

The law states that the owners have 10 days before the fine is finalized. The question is whether the owners will demolish the entire 39,780 square meters of illegalities recorded by the environmental inspectors or simply seek a reduction of the fine. 

The conclusion of the environmental inspectors was delivered to Principote on Friday, and the removal of illegal structures began almost immediately.

More specifically, crews, reportedly, began removing the white panels that had been used to enclose various areas on Monday.

However, if the owners wish to demolish or remove the entire structure (and not just panels and containers) they will have their work cut out for them. According to the inspectors, a total of 33 illegal structures were identified.

These include 9,187 square meters of closed structures, 2,059 meters concern the pergolas, 3,000 square meters of paved decks, 21,490 meters mostly comprised of concrete parking lots and 780 square meters of illegal fencing with wooden panels.

All in all a total of 39,780 square meters of illegal constructions were recorded. A fine of 14,818,558 euros was imposed for their construction and a fine of 7,409,279 euros for their maintenance – a total of 22,227,838 euros.

The largest part of the fine (i.e. 14.1-million-euro construction fine and €7 million maintenance fine) relates to the 14 enclosed spaces recorded by inspectors.

Following this development, a number of questions arise. One important one is, if the company does not demolish all the illegal structures, will it be allowed to operate this year?

It should be noted that Principote does not have a good track record, as in the past its owners demolished unauthorized structures after inspections by the Syros Town Planning Department and the imposition of fines. They then erected new illegal buildings in order to reopen.

Another issue is the stance of the Syros Town Planning Department regarding two existing buildings and the “settlements” that were subsequently made regarding their status.

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