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Oncology Department at Limassol General Hospital in lockdown

A cancer patient that was recently being treated there tested positive for the virus


The Oncology Department of the Limassol General Hospital was placed in lockdown on Friday after a patient who was being treated there recently tested positive for coronavirus.

According to Kathimerini Cyprus, the cancer patient, a Paphos resident, was tested for the virus after a private doctor he was visiting had also tested positive for coronavirus.

With the cancer patient testing positive, the ward was placed in lockdown on Friday to be disinfected, while samples will be taken from staff and other patients.

Confirmed coronavirus cases were at 146 in the Republic of Cyprus on Friday, with the virus so far leaving three dead. The number in the north had risen to 61 on Friday, with 15 villages in the Karpasia Peninsula being placed in total lockdown after 13 cases were confirmed in three of the villages.

Paphos General Hospital

So far Paphos had recorded 38 confirmed cases, of which 25 involve medical professionals working at the Paphos General Hospital, while three involve doctors working at private Paphos hospitals.

According to Dr Joseph Moutiris, temporarily filling the role of Director of the Paphos General, five state doctors have so far tested positive for coronavirus, involving a pulmonologist, a radiologist, a surgeon, a paediatrician, and an ICU specialist.

Additionally, 20 nursing staff and two cleaners of the Paphos General, which is in its second week of lockdown, have tested positive.

Among the 38 cases were also two patients, aged 70 and 63, who recently died after being infected with the virus, while two more patients who had contracted the virus, a taxi-driver and his wife, were recently released from the Paphos General after showing steady signs of recovery.

Furthermore, four confirmed cases in the Paphos area involve relatives of medical professionals of the Paphos General Hospital.


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