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18 June, 2019


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1. Turkey aims to create 'fait accompli' in the Aegean and the E. Mediterranean, Greek FM says

Greek Foreign Minister Giorgos Katrougalos said that Turkey’s provocative actions in Cyprus’ Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and the Aegean are creating tension in the region. ...

2. Eurobank Cyprus selects TEMENOS for its digital transformation

3. JPMorgan coming to Cyprus

4. Nuvei to buy in cash Cyprus based fintech firm SafeCharge for $889 million$889-million

5. After defeat, Greek PM calls for snap elections

6. Trump’s bimonthly report on Cyprus sent to Congress

7. Turkish officials in Athens for CBM talks

8. Lakkotrypis: Cyprus energy developments an incentive for Turkey

9. Cyprus on track to miss EU recycling targets

10. Cyprus raises 1.25 billion euros to repay Russian loan early

11. Way forward in Greek-Turkish relations uncertain

12. Interview with Vincent Tourette

13. Guterres report: Low expectations for real progress

14. Kasoulides: The public wants a solution to the Cyprus problem

15. App offers alcohol calculator for drivers

A recent study is back on the news following many accidents and road safety campaigns, busting myths about driving under the influence and helping drivers get a better grip on substance abuse...

16. Erdogan pays electoral price for Turkey's tumbling economy

17. Ackermann buys 400,000 shares in Bank of Cyprus

18. Professor turned away at Larnaca Airport

A Japanese professor who was visiting a university in the north was refused entry at Larnaca International Airport, prompting reaction on both sides of the divided island...

19. Westward Bound

20. Katrougalos eyes 'positive agenda,' Cavusoglu economic cooperation

21. Greek FM: Turkey not excluded from energy issues

22. The highest price to pay

I apologize for writing in first person but when something so self-evident ends up being ignored even by our very own institutions, then allow me to hark back to the three flaws that keep this place miserable...

23. You can call it political karma

With the re-election of Nicos Anastasiades, many were puzzled with Harris Georgiades’ decision to insist that he not be reappointed finance minister. Having a clear path ahead of him and a brewing storm miles away, shouldn’t he be entitled to leaving while things were still good?...

24. President stands by Finance Minister

25. Arrogance in Greek politics

26. This is B’s story

“B” is just 25 years old, born and raised in Kyrenia. His parents, both Turkish Cypriots, were never against peace. Today he lives with his lady friend in Nicosia while working on building peace...

27. Leaders agree to connect Cyprus mobile phone networks

28. Cyprus scrambles to salvage halloumi case

Officials in the Republic of Cyprus are scrambling to push forward on the halloumi case, with sources saying the PDO application has become more political than ever...

29. Confidence confirmed as Cyprus issues first ever 15-year bond

30. Cyprus to issue first ever 15 year bond