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Ferreira backs Green Line trade for Cyprus reconciliation

Commissioner urges Turkish Cypriot engagement in EU affairs


European Union (EU) Commissioner for Cohesion and Reform, Elisa Ferreira, emphasized the pivotal role of Green Line trade in fostering reconciliation in Cyprus during an exclusive interview with Yeni Douzen.

Since 2004, Green Line trade has amassed a total value of 106 million euros, with a notable surge in trade volume from 6.2 million euros in 2021 to a record-breaking 16 million euros in 2023, as disclosed by Ferreira.

Ferreira underscored the importance of tripling the volume of Green Line trade and called upon stakeholders to take proactive measures towards achieving this objective. Despite being two decades since its inception, Ferreira affirmed the enduring relevance and necessity of the Green Line regulation.

She highlighted Green Line trade as a vital confidence-building measure and reiterated the EU's unwavering commitment to resolving the Cyprus problem within the framework of the United Nations. Ferreira expressed optimism that the eventual obsolescence of the Green Line regulation would signify a lasting resolution to the Cyprus issue.

On the bi-communal solar power project front, Ferreira revealed that the EU had presented the preliminary feasibility study results to the two community negotiators, proposing the construction of a 36 MW Generating Station and an energy storage facility within the buffer zone at expert-recommended sites.

In addressing the European elections, Ferreira urged Turkish Cypriots to actively participate, describing it as an excellent opportunity to engage in EU affairs. She called upon them to exercise their democratic right to vote and elect representatives who would effectively advocate for their interests within the EU.

The commissioner lamented the low turnout among Turkish Cypriots in the 2019 elections and stressed the importance of their active involvement in shaping the future of Cyprus within the European Union.

[Information sourced from CNA]


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