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Crime surges with bombing and shootings in Cyprus

Series of violent incidents rock Nicosia and Larnaca


Authorities in Cyprus are currently probing a string of violent incidents that unfolded in the Nicosia and Larnaca districts, marking a concerning escalation in localized unrest.

In the early hours of May 28th, the tranquility of the Nicosia district was shattered by a bomb explosion targeting a residence in the Egkomi area. The detonation, occurring at approximately 04:00 local time, inflicted damage to the property's railing, prompting swift intervention from law enforcement.

Simultaneously, chaos unfolded in Larnaca as an unidentified assailant, concealed behind a mask, unleashed a barrage of gunfire at a local café. The targeted assault, aimed at the café's glass display case, mercifully resulted in no casualties. However, the motive behind the brazen attack remains enigmatic, fueling ongoing investigative efforts by authorities.

The night preceding these harrowing events saw another café in Larnaca fall victim to a similar act of aggression. In a chilling echo of the subsequent attacks, an individual, clad in a hood, purportedly discharged a firearm at the establishment's glass window. Despite the destructive outcome, no injuries were reported, amplifying concerns over the potential escalation of violence in the region.

As law enforcement agencies intensify their inquiries into these alarming incidents, they are appealing to the public for any pertinent information that could aid in apprehending the perpetrators. Emphasizing the paramount importance of public safety, authorities remain resolute in their pursuit of justice, determined to restore calm and stability to the affected communities.

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