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61. Catch 22: Anastasiades or Cavusoglu?

62. Russia opens fires on Ukrainian ships

63. The cool waters of the eastern Mediterranean

Andreas Paraschos - The UN Secretary General saw in June 2017 the rejection of a Solution Framework and now he is bringing it back with a 90-day timeline, which is plenty of time to sort out answers to some big energy questions...

64. Shell companies ''This is over, its finished''

65. Akinci: It is not clear what Anastasiades wants

66. The critical presidential question

Andreas Paraschos takes a closer look at the latest political developments on the Cyprus issue, following a presidential press conference that left many with a smug on their face ...

67. Food for Thought

68. Governance as important as security and guarantees

69. FM and President offer contradictory statements ahead of Jane Holl Lute meeting

70. Profound lack of rationale

The government spokesperson responded to AKEL saying discussion over possible decentralization in no way did it change the president's aim of federation, but the introductory paragraph was filled with irony...

71. Anastasiades: Dherynia and Lefka Crossings to open 12 November

72. House President addresses UK Cypriots

73. President to table detailed proposal on a devolved federation

74. Traitor president who holds all the aces

No president of the Republic of Cyprus will ever negotiate a two-state solution as that would amount to being guilty of high treason...

75. 'Loose' federation and philology of two states: What is valid and what is not

76. Manoeuvres to avoid deadlock and to enable Turkey flexibility

77. One devolved federation or two states?

78. Whatever Guterres says he will be met with a yes

Last week was reminiscent of aerial dogfights even though there are essentially no Cypriot fighter jets here. We can put this down as a snag, but there’s a bigger issue here that pales in comparison to what lies ahead...

79. Averof and Kudret grab a bite

80. Jeremy Hunt: The Cyprus problem can be solved and the best solution is federation

81.  Anastasiades at Diaspora dinner: No guarantees needed

82. Anxiety over Cyprus peace talks

83. President Anastasiades determined for resumption of Cyprus talks

84. Cypriot Ambassador presents credentials at the White House

Cypriot Ambassador Marios Lysiotis presented his letters of credence to US President Donald Trump...

85. Investors in Cyprus can reap benefits

Participants at the third Cyprus International Investors Summit in Limassol got to see a list of competitive advantages that make Cyprus stand out in starting a business on the island...

86. UK parties declare support for Cyprus reunification

The main British political parties, as well as a pro-Cypriot group of MPs, have reiterated their support for the reunification of the island in recent statements addressed to the National Federation of Cypriots in the UK...

87. More hotels to stay open during winter

Cyprus hoteliers say the occupancy rate has reached or exceeded 90%, with officials expecting good performance through the end of the year despite Russian numbers dwindling...

88. Greek seamen to stage fresh 24-hour strike

Greek seamen have decided to stage a fresh 24-hour strike after their union on Monday rejected an offer for a 2 percent annual pay hike following negotiations with the sector’s employers, Kathimerini understands....

89. Stephen Lillie: There is only plan A for Cyprus

There is a clear plan A for Cyprus, that of a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation solution, and there is no plan B, UK High Commissioner in Nicosia, Stephen Lillie, has told the Cyprus News Agency (CNA), stressing that “for plan A to succeed the negotiations need to be well prepared, and the public opinion needs to be well prepared” as well....

90. West Nile fatalities rise to 5 as virus spreads to Athens

The number of deaths from the West Nile virus has risen to five, it emerged on Thursday as the Center for Disease Prevention and Control (KEELPNO) confirmed that a total of 77 cases of the infection have been recorded in Greece since the beginning of the summer, 17 in the past week. ...