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18 January, 2022


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1. How can banks use smart automation to improve customer service?

In all industries, there are often many tasks that require the attention of employees, but do not fully utilize their skills, such as archiving, entering data or replying to a routine email....

2. High schoolers against midterms descend on Palace

High school students staged a protest on Tuesday against semester exams in public schools, a new system that the government has been unable to implement during the pandemic but also because of very strong objections...

3. Robots give Greece’s postal service speed boost

There’s a new addition to Greece’s postal service: a fleet of yellow robots sorting through the mail....

4. The key to a successful investment lies in… behaviour?…-behaviour

5. Student’s letter causes media storm

A student in Nicosia is taking social media by storm, after she wrote a letter criticizing school prayer and how religion is being taught in state schools in the Republic of Cyprus...

6. PwC Cyprus presented the 'New World, New Skills' programme

7. Andreas Ekström and Nikolaos Mavridis to speak at Digital Agenda 19 Summit

8. Big Oil digs North Sea's final frontier

9. NASA Chief Scientist: In our life time we will know if we are alone in the cosmos

10. China retaliates for US tariffs, slaps duties on soybeans, planes, autos

The scale of China’s tariff targets was in line with Beijing’s pledge to mount a commensurate response...