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Chart your course with WISTA Cyprus' MentorShip program

Embark on a journey of professional growth and collaboration with industry experts

Andreas Karamitas

Specifically designed to guide young professionals through the early stages of their careers in the maritime sector, both at sea and ashore, MentorWave's new MentorShip programme has been announced by WISTA Cyprus. WISTA Cyprus, an organization dedicated to promoting women's rights in the maritime industry and enhancing industry diversity, revealed the launch of the programme.

"At the core of our initiative is a commitment to providing targeted mentoring and consistent support to facilitate knowledge sharing among participants. We strongly believe in the value of guidance and mentorship for achieving personal and professional development," said Natalia Buri Loyal, the organization's President.

With the programme's launch, WISTA focuses on collaboration and knowledge sharing, aiming to bridge the gap for newcomers entering the shipping industry from other sectors, as well as those transitioning between office and passenger roles. This collaboration underscores the collective commitment to nurturing a vibrant, well-supported community of new entrants to the shipping industry, equipping them to make significant contributions to the field.

The six-month programme includes one-to-one mentoring sessions and professional networking opportunities. The initiative is also backed by the Cyprus Chamber of Shipping and YoungShip Cyprus.

For further details and to apply for participation, please visit

About WISTA Cyprus:

WISTA Cyprus, a member of WISTA International, is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting diversity in the maritime sector. Comprising individuals in leadership roles, WISTA Cyprus members are committed to:

- Minimizing the existing gender leadership gap in the maritime, trade, and supply chain sectors.
- Creating a community among members by facilitating the exchange of contacts, information, and experiences.
- Promoting the establishment of business relationships among its members.
- Facilitating the professional development of its members.
- Collaborating with other relevant institutions and organizations worldwide.

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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