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10 July, 2020

Cyprus 10-year bond now below 2%

Cyprus's steadily declining borrowing costs

Source: CNA

Cyprus ten-year bond yield declined below the 2% barrier in February, marking a new all time low, according to data analysed by CNA.

Cyprus ten-year bond with a coupon of 2.38% was trading in the secondary markets under 2% on January 31 and by 40 basis points below the nominal interest rate of the bond issued by Cyprus last September.

Last Friday, the bond’s yield amounted to 1.97% marking a reduction of 14 basis points in the last five days of January.

Last September Cyprus issued a 10-year euro-denominated bond amounting to €1.5 billion, the largest issued so far. The nominal interest rate and the buyback yield amounted to 2.375% and 2.40% respectively.

The Greek 10year bond was trading at 3.88% last Friday, Italy’s 2.74%, Portugal’s at 1.63%, Spain’s 1.22%, Ireland’s 0.88%, France 0.57% and Germany’s 0.16%.

Furthermore, the yield of Cyprus 5-year bond maturing in 2024 amounts to 1% while the bond maturing in 2025 is trading at 1.39%.


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