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Cyprus gears up for Easter holiday travel

Hotels prepare for full capacity as Cypriots plan escapes amid global challenges


According to a report by Andreas Karamitas in Kathimerini's Sunday editionWith the Easter holidays on the horizon and favorable weather beckoning, Cypriots are organizing their getaways, both domestic and international. As the country's hotels prepare to open at full capacity next week, enticing holiday packages are drawing attention. During the previous holiday period, hotel bookings reached a 60% occupancy rate, despite only 20 to 30% of hotels being operational. However, for the upcoming Easter holidays, travelers are expected to be spread across the island's hotels.

According to a report by Andreas Karamitas in Kathimerini's Sunday edition, the opening of the summer season, coinciding with Easter, traditionally attracts Russian, Ukrainian, and Israeli tourists to Cyprus. However, conflicts in their home countries are expected to impact tourist numbers this year. Greece emerges as the top destination choice for Cypriots, with domestic holidays also gaining popularity. While Easter holiday prices remain steady compared to last year, they may increase due to inflationary pressures and global economic conditions.

In Paphos and other coastal towns, preparations are underway to welcome Easter travelers. While hotels anticipate a bustling holiday season, the number of tourists may not match previous years due to limited hotel openings and ongoing conflicts abroad. Nevertheless, restaurateurs and marine entertainment businesses are optimistic, expecting a surge in visitors.

Agritourism also flourishes during the holiday season, attracting visitors eager to experience Cyprus' countryside and traditional customs. Around 10% of Cypriot tourists opt for rural getaways, where villages offer a plethora of activities, including traditional arts workshops, culinary experiences, and scenic walks.

Despite challenges, Easter packages offer affordable options for travelers, with prices ranging from 100 to 350 euros. These packages include accommodation, meals, and various activities. Restaurants in hotels and independent establishments are gearing up to serve traditional Easter dishes, providing customers with a taste of Cyprus' culinary delights amidst the holiday festivities.

[This article was translated from its Greek original and edited for clarity and brevity]

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