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27 May, 2024

Epic Business One is here to solve every communication need of your business

Internet + Fixed Telephony + Mobile + Webex – Everything in one from only €44,99

Press Release

Every business has some basic needs, regardless of size and type. These needs come in addition to the already significant demands and challenges that an entrepreneur may face when managing their business.

Epic once again stands by local businesses, introducing Epic Business One to the market. This new plan for businesses comes to meet all the communication needs of a business, thus contributing to its seamless operation, as well as to increasing its efficiency.

Epic Business One brings together in one plan, with a low monthly fee, fundamental services for the operation of a business, whether it consists of two people or large teams.

Epic Business One provides:
Fiber Internet with the fastest fixed internet network in Cyprus, based on Ookla measurements, for uninterrupted connections, enabling lightning-fast data transfers in real time.

Fixed-line telephony with call center services, offering direct call management on two or more phone lines without the need for additional personnel.

Webex by CISCO. A unique collaboration tool that allows your business landline to ring on any mobile device you choose, wherever you are. Meetings, messages, calls can all be in the palm of your hand, tailored to your needs.
5G Unlimited Max mobile plan for unlimited Data, SMS, and minutes with 5G speeds.

All the above services are offered with Epic Business One, in one comprehensive plan, starting from just €44.99/month and with no equipment setup costs. The services can be adapted to the size and needs of each business, reducing operational costs and increasing productivity.

Epic’s business arm provides all the necessary services along with specialized business consultants who will be by your side every step of the way.

Connect with Epic Business One and instantly cover every communication need of your business. Learn more by calling 131 or visiting


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