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Cyprus - Greece ferry connection: Tariffs and dates

Bookings can be made beginning May 7th.

Source: CNA

After 21 years, the maritime passenger connection between Cyprus and Greece becomes a reality.  On June 19, M/V Daleela will set sail from the port of Limassol on its first of many roundtrip voyages to Piraeus, thus inaugurating the new service put in place by the Ministry of Shipping.

At a press conference, Deputy Minister Vassilis Dimitriadis stated that "the Anastasiadis Government, in the context of its social policy, is implementing a commitment for an alternative connection of Cyprus with mainland Europe."

In his speech, Mr. Demitriades noted that the last voyage that took place from Cyprus to Greece was back on October 8, 2001 on the Salamis Star while expressing his delight that the service would finally restart next June, "our fellow citizens, students and all those who want to travel to Greece by car, motorcycle or bicycle will now have an alternative connection to Greece by sea.  Moreover, it will be a way to strengthen maritime tourism by offering this service to the wider EU community".

Mr. Demitriades declared his confidence in the contractor, Scandro holdings Ltd. and expressed his hope that the service will continue to be sustainable even after the end of state support. 

The Deputy Minister added that the Cypriot-flagged M/V Daleela, he added, was inspected and deemed suitable.  The ship was built in 1991 with a capacity of 400 people, has 38 first-class cabins for 110 passengers, 68 second-class cabins for 180 passengers and 110 airside seats and can carry more than 100 vehicles.

With regard to pricing, the deputy minister announced that tariffs were lower than initial estimates.  

For a one-way journey, VIP cabins cost €50 per person, the first-class single room €30 per person, the first-class double room €25 per person and the 1st class quadruple €20 per person.  2nd class cabins will cost  €10 per person, one way, while the airside seats will cost €8 per person each way.  Prices do not include taxes and port fees amounting to €30.21 per person each way. For children aged 4-12 years old the fare is €5 for one way and free for children up to four years old, while taxes and port fees in both cases are €23.06 per child each way.

Vehicles (up to 5 meters) will cost €60 plus taxes and port fees of €41.72 each way, while motorcycles will cost €30 plus taxes and port fees of €32, 96 each way.  Bicycles will only be charged 47 cents each way for taxes and port fees.

There will be an allocated number of cabins that will allow pets at  €50 each way, or passengers may opt to house their pets in kennels on board the ship for a mere €35.

Finally, disabled passengers will be assisted by persons on board the ship throughout the journey.  Guide dogs will also be allowed on board.

Those interested will be able to book online at Top Kinisis Travel beginning May 7th. 

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