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18 June, 2024

End of 2019 sees historic high in investment funds assets

Investment funds saw a 7% surge in assets and a reduction of loans in the last quarter of 2019

Newsroom / CNA

Investment funds’ assets reached a historic high at the end of 2019, data released by the Cyprus Central Bank on Thursday showed.

By December, the number of investment funds had increased to 178, compared with 166 in September 2019, while their total assets grew substantially, by approximately 7 per cent, to €6,093.6 million in December 2019, compared with €5,686.3 million in September 2019.

The number of investment funds in December 2018 was 149 and their total assets amounted to €4.79 billion.

A further analysis of data shows that investment funds reduced their loans by approximately €100 million in the last quarter of 2019, up from €789 million at the end of September to €685.8 million while they also made additional investments, mainly on shares, of a value of €300 million and reduced their investments in bonds by approximately €13 million.

In particular, from total assets of a value of €6.09 billion, €2.49 billion are invested on equity, €671.2 million on mixed stock exchange products, €177.7 million in bonds, €610.7 million in retail while €2.13 billion in other investments.

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