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Hapag-Lloyd takes green stride by recycling 'Mississauga Express'

Major shipping company sets example for eco-friendly ship recycling, aligning with the European Union's green transition


According to a report by Andreas Karamitis, published in Kathimerini's Sunday edition, one of the major shipping companies, Hapag-Lloyd, has announced the recycling of its merchant ship, the "Mississauga Express," adhering to EU standards. The company emphasized its commitment to environmentally friendly recycling and aligning with the EU's green transition efforts.

In a strategic move, Hapag-Lloyd is registering its ships in European registries to comply with EU recycling standards, setting an example for other shipowners. The global ship recycling industry, while flourishing over the past two decades, faces criticism for lacking standardization, prompting the need for comprehensive government and global shipping industry solutions.

The EU adopted a regulation in 2014 addressing environmentally compatible ship recycling. The regulation covers health and environmental protection during the recycling process, the management of hazardous waste, and specific rules for shipowners, applicable to all EU-flagged merchant ships. It mandates the maintenance of a list of dangerous goods on board, including asbestos, lead, and mercury. Recycling, according to the regulation, must be performed by companies registered in the EU's list of recycling plants. Each ship's staff is required to create a recycling plan detailing hazardous waste materials and quantities.

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