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Leonid Radvinsky: The mastermind behind OnlyFans

Unveiling the entrepreneur who is now worth billions after buying the platform for only $11,000

By Maria Savva (

The profits of the OnlyFans platform have seen a remarkable surge over the past year, and recent revelations of its owner pocketing over $300 million (€278 million) in dividends have sparked fresh inquiries into the leader behind this adult content platform.

Leonid Radvinsky, a 41-year-old Ukrainian entrepreneur based in the United States, boasts a net worth estimated at $2.1 billion. In 2018, he acquired OnlyFans from Guy and Tim Stokely, a father-son duo who launched the company two years prior with an initial investment of 11,000 euros.

Despite his aversion to the limelight, Radvinsky maintains a LinkedIn profile and a personal website that offers glimpses into his life. His LinkedIn profile reveals him as an investor, philanthropist, and tech innovator with a distinct interest in emerging social platforms.

Hailing originally from Ukraine, Radvinsky's family settled in the US during his youth. Presently residing in Florida, his precise whereabouts remain undisclosed. While Forbes notes his marital status, his wife's identity remains shrouded in mystery.

In addition to OnlyFans, Radvinsky boasts a past intertwined with the pornography industry, having embarked on previous ventures within the field. Under his ownership, OnlyFans witnessed a substantial upswing in its financial performance.

The financial report for OnlyFans, released in August 2023, unveiled pre-tax earnings of $525 million. The platform has experienced substantial growth in its community of creators and users. Nevertheless, OnlyFans has been subject to scrutiny and regulatory monitoring.

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