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Defence Ministry launches probe as officer's 'OnlyFans' video sparks outrage

Explicit video upload puts non-commissioned officer under investigation

The news of a permanent non-commissioned officer's involvement in a sexually explicit video has triggered widespread reactions, leading the Ministry of Defence to initiate an investigation into potential disciplinary or criminal offenses.

The controversial video surfaced when the partner of the officer in question uploaded it onto a subscription-based platform, featuring explicit intimate encounters between herself and the National Guard officer.

Sources within the Ministry of Defence have confirmed that a thorough investigation has been launched, currently being conducted by the Prosecutor General, to delve into the details of this case.

The newspaper "Politis" was the first to break this shocking story, revealing that the non-commissioned officer's erotic activities came to light following an interview given by his partner.

As the investigation progresses, the public eagerly awaits further updates regarding the outcome of this scandalous incident.

[Information from 24News]

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