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Personal use of fuel from occupied side permitted, but with limitations

EC navigates fuel transport restrictions and exemptions from occupied areas

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According to Stefan de Kersmacker, the Commission's responsible representative, fuel is permitted to be transported via the Green Line under certain conditions. During a press briefing, when questioned by the Cypriot press about the Republic of Cyprus' controls at the crossing points from the occupied areas, de Kersmacker clarified that fuel can be transported for personal use, as long as it meets specific criteria. These criteria include the fuel being contained in the car's fuel tank or a portable container with a capacity not exceeding ten liters and the total value of the fuel not exceeding 260 euros.

Referring to the Green Line Regulation, the Commission spokesperson explained that the regulation exempts goods carried in personal luggage by individuals crossing the Green Line from turnover tax, excise duty, and other duties. However, this exemption applies only if the goods are not of a commercial nature and their total value does not surpass 260 euros per person.

De Kersmacker emphasized that goods are considered non-commercial if they are occasional purchases exclusively for personal or family use. He also highlighted that the nature and quantity of the goods must not imply that they are imported for commercial purposes.

Regarding fuel, de Kersmacker clarified that it falls within the non-commercial definition if it is contained in a regular vehicle petrol tank or a portable container, as long as the quantity does not exceed ten liters.

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