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Petrol station owners protest fuel supply from occupied territories

Demonstrators demand fair market conditions

The Pancyprian Association of Liquid Fuel Retailers launched a protest on Wednesday at 11:00, as petrol station owners blocked the entrance of the St. Dometius barricade with their tankers. The demonstration aimed to raise concerns about the supply of liquid fuels from the occupied territories. The protesters later marched to the Presidential Palace, where they plan to present a memorandum outlining their grievances.

The protest took place despite assurances from the Energy Minister that stricter checks would be implemented to prevent the illegal procurement and transportation of fuel from the occupied territories for sale.

During a statement at the Agios Dometios roadblock, Savvas Prokopiou, President of the Pancyprian Association of Liquid Fuels Petrol Distributors, emphasized that fuel smuggling, commercial activities, and the abuse of Green Line regulations are illegal practices. Prokopiou urged the government to take immediate and necessary measures to address the issue.

Expressing gratitude to the more than 100 colleagues who joined the protest, Prokopiou emphasized the challenging situation faced by petrol station owners. He highlighted the significant price difference between fuel prices in the occupied territories and local service stations, attributing responsibility to the state, fuel importing companies, and the relevant ministry.

The protest serves as a collective call for action to resolve the issue and ensure a fair market for all petrol station owners, who are unable to compete with the lower prices offered in the occupied territories.

The Energy Ministry has yet to respond to the demands put forth by the protesters, who are eagerly awaiting a resolution to the longstanding issue.

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