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Stricter controls on fuel trading in occupied areas

Public disclosure of names for fuel traders from occupied areas

Stricter controls and public disclosure for fuel traders in the occupied areas to be announced tomorrow, Energy Minister George Papastasiou declares.

In statements to the state radio, Mr. Papastasiou stated that according to the regulations of the Green Line, it is not prohibited for someone to procure fuel from the occupied areas. However, he clarified that the trade of fuel is prohibited and illegal.

He emphasized that some individuals not only transport fuel in jerry cans but also have hidden tanks that they use.

When asked about tomorrow's protest event by fuel station owners regarding the supply of fuel from the occupied areas, Mr. Papastasiou stated that the grievances of the station owners have been recorded.

"We have examined the concerns from various perspectives, one being the political aspect, and the other is to see what is happening with the loss of income for the station owners, mainly those close to the Green Line," he explained.

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