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''Gastronomos'' Quality Awards unveil menu for prestigious event

Celebrating excellence in Cypriot cuisine and products

In addition to the highly anticipated awards, guests attending the annual "Gastronomos" Quality Awards will also have the pleasure of indulging in a specially curated menu, designed to complement the evening's celebrations.

Renowned Cypriot chef Marilena Ioannidou, known for her expertise in Cypriot cuisine through her establishment, Marilena's Cyprus Kitchen, will be spearheading the menu preparations. Ioannidou skillfully blends traditional Cypriot recipes and locally sourced ingredients with a modern twist.

The menu for the upcoming event, scheduled for Tuesday, June 27, promises to delight attendees with an array of hot and cold canapés centered around halloumi, anari, carob products, and olive oil. Among the featured dishes are:

- A platter showcasing anari dip, carob crackers, diced halloumi, olives drizzled with award-winning olive oil, and a hint of pink pepper.

- Whipped cream served in miniature bowls.

- Hallumopitoules: thinly sliced baguettes filled with anari and baked to perfection.

Additionally, the event will offer surprise dishes, carefully crafted by one of the award recipients, as well as a traditional local dessert.

The "Gastronomos" Quality Awards, now in its ninth year, aims to recognize ten outstanding Cypriot producers who have demonstrated resilience, innovation, and unwavering commitment to their craft, even in the face of adversity. These producers have consistently prioritized consumer satisfaction, environmental sustainability, and the preservation of Cyprus' natural heritage.

Following blind tastings conducted by the esteemed tasting committee of "C," 70 exceptional Cypriot products were proposed, ultimately identifying the best in ten categories, including Halloumi, Traditional Product, Olive Oil Production, Red Wine, White Wine, Excellent Quality, Creative Cypriot Cuisine, Sustainable Development, and the Honorary Award.

The prestigious Quality Awards 2023 are proudly sponsored by the Bank of Cyprus, supported by Cypriot Producers Sklavenitis stores, Culture OPAP Cyprus, and Sustainable Development Award Epic. The Municipality of Strovolos extends its support for the event.

The highly anticipated ceremony, jointly hosted by "Gastronomos" and "Kathimerini," will commence at 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, June 27, in the enchanting courtyard of the Cultural Center within the Municipality of Strovolos.

Excerpts from last year's Quality Awards:

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