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15 July, 2024

Wizz Air soars to new heights with 71% increase in Cypriot passengers

The airline achieved record-breaking growth, serving over 2.2 million travelers in Cyprus amidst global expansion


In 2023, Wizz Air experienced a remarkable surge in popularity among Cypriot travelers, with a staggering 71% increase in passengers compared to the previous year, reaching a total of 2.2 million passengers, as announced by the company. Wizz Air, operating from its base in Larnaca with four aircraft, expanded its offerings to 31 destinations across 18 countries, solidifying its position in the Cyprus market.

The airline's commitment to the region was evident as it conducted 11,603 flights to and from Cyprus in 2023, a substantial growth compared to the 6,826 flights in 2022. Wizz Air's operational excellence was highlighted by an impressive 99.63% completion rate, showcasing reliability and efficiency.

Wizz Air concluded 2023 by setting a new record, with over 60 million passengers globally choosing the airline for their travels, marking a significant 32% increase from 2022. The airline's growth was particularly pronounced in Cyprus, reflecting its appeal to Cypriot travelers. As Wizz Air looks ahead to 2024, the focus remains on strengthening its presence in Cyprus and providing even more travel options for the local community.

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