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Wizzair postpones its resumption of flights to Moscow

The company's earlier announcement to resume flights from Abu Dhabi to Moscow in October caused a major backlash and calls to boycott the airline

Source: Schengen Visa Info

The low-cost airline from Hungary, Wizz Air, has announced that it decided to further postpone its intentions to resume flights from Abu Dhabi to Moscow starting from October.

Such a decision comes following a backlash against the decision that was recently announced that Wizz Air would start a route back up to Russia, while many other countries, especially European Union ones, have introduced harsh sanctions on Russia as a response to the latter’s invasion of Ukraine, reports.

According to the announcement of the airline, such a decision came following the surge in passenger demand. Wizz Air Abu Dhabi announced that it would start operating flights from Abu Dhabi to Russia’s Moscow, with tickets on sale from October 3.

However, following the most recent announcement, the flights have been temporarily postponed after Wizz Air cited that the flights have been postponed, stressing “industry supply-chain difficulties” as the main factor in their decision.

Besides, the business made no note regarding the online outrage that followed their prior statement, which also included boycott demands for the airline.

The company is an Emirati subsidiary of Wizz Air, which is considered among Europe’s fastest increasing airlines, based in Hungary. Besides, the airline has a total of 49 percent stake and also has another subsidiary Wizz Air in the United Kingdom, while the previous announcement of the company, among others, noted:

“Wizz Air Abu Dhabi is a national UAE carrier that operates in line with the UAE’s national regulations and policies. The airline is resuming its operation in Moscow to meet travel demand for passengers wishing to fly to and from Russia from the UAE capital. All UAE national airlines are currently operating direct flights to Russia,” a spokesperson for Wizz Air announced in this regard, as reported by CNN.

Recently, it was reported that UK holidaymakers would be eligible to travel to several territories during the summer season after Wizz Air confirmed that routes to Palma de Mallorca, Faro, Tel Aviv, as well as Mykonos, along with services from Rome, Milan, Vienna, as well as Naples would be launched.

Such changes were announced amid raised hopes that the travel and tourism sector would improve after the damages caused by the Coronavirus and its new variants.

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