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A platform with substance?

Promising platform aims to empower citizens and catalyze genuine change in Cyprus politics

Eleni Xenou

Eleni Xenou

George Pamboridis revealed plans for an interactive political reform workshop, unveiling the establishment of a political platform during an interview with K. The primary objective of this platform, as stated by Pamboridis, is to actively intervene in public affairs. He further elaborated that individuals who, for diverse reasons, have refrained from engaging in politics will be granted an opportunity to actively participate and express their political perspectives, ultimately shaping them into concrete policy proposals.

The creation of such a platform is incredibly valuable in today's political landscape, especially when led by individuals like Mr. Pamboridis, who have demonstrated their prowess in driving reform. Why is this move valuable? It is because the current political discourse, both within the government and opposition, is ailing. By "ailing," I mean that it lacks the audacity, substance, and clarity of position needed. However, the afflictions of our political system cannot be addressed without the necessary substance, audacity, and willingness to take bold actions. Anything less than that is an admission of incapability in diagnosing and effectively managing the critical challenges of our time. While it may be reasonable to argue for granting more time to both the government and the opposition, who appear to be stagnant, it is also risky. Political developments and events do not wait patiently, and the inability to articulate a meaningful political discourse becomes perilous. At present, there is no counterbalance that exposes the magnitude of the void and reflects upon the weightlessness of our political thinking.

However, without a counterweight, even the most thoughtful citizen may fall into the trap set by the deceptive image that suggests progress, while in reality, as Mr. Pamboridis astutely observes, it is merely "insistence on narrating a story without corresponding outcomes." This is precisely why the creation of a platform becomes an urgent matter, serving two crucial purposes. Firstly, it acts as a counterbalance to superficiality, and secondly, it raises the standard, compelling the government and political parties to awaken from their slumber sooner rather than later. Pamboridis aptly remarks that "the parties are severely ailing, and for them to be truly rebuilt, they must acknowledge their contribution to the problem." Unfortunately, we are not witnessing this realization taking place at the current stage, regardless of their attempts to convince us otherwise. Consequently, this platform is directed toward those individuals who feel suffocated by the inability of the existing party system to engage in meaningful political discourse. As Mr. Pamboridis stated, it aims to empower those who aspire to bring forth substance and healthy attitudes, rather than embracing the superficial solutions propagated by the Cypriot 'star system' and its dazzling figures.

Significant reform of the country cannot be achieved using the same corrupt elements. This reality is becoming increasingly evident through the behavior of the coalition government parties, which falls far short of the promised transformation they advocated during the elections. Likewise, the opposition's attempts to restructure itself are not promising, as they deliberately evade acknowledging their mistakes and responsibility for the current predicament. In essence, there are no encouraging signs that the parties genuinely intend to change. As a result, thoughtful citizens are left in the dark, searching for a political home that truly represents them. This is why the platform proposed by Mr. Pamboridis, along with a group of individuals he has yet to name, holds promise. It has the potential to bring about much-needed changes to our political landscape. 

[This op-ed was translated from its Greek original]


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