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Calls for increased electricity rates raise eyebrows

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The recent demand by the Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC) for significant electricity rate increases has raised eyebrows, especially as the possibility of bearing additional costs for the Vasiliko terminal looms. Does the parliament even exist? Is there a state? If so, let them finally play their part. Enough already!

Taking full responsibility for decisions, young Nikos declared after his meeting with the AKEL Secretariat, "Any feelings of discontent ultimately fall on me." Shortly after, Nikolaos Papadopoulos sat beside the rejuvenated Stefanos during the announcement of the mayoral candidate for Limassol, Mr. Armeftis. The atmosphere, despite the inclement weather, was notably heated. Everyone knows that political collaborations in the upcoming elections sow seeds for intriguing developments.

Communism didn't work because people like to own things. -Frank Zappa

Earlier, Stefanos expressed dissatisfaction with the President and his behavior towards AKEL, not ruling out the possibility of fielding their candidate in the next elections. Hold on, is Andros Kyprianou getting ready?

Our national Prince, in a Gioconda-style move, shared smiles when questioned about the AKEL-President meeting and while seated next to the General Secretary of the Red Party. We seem to have embraced a Swedish-style political scenario – everyone against everyone.

Not even all the other problems could surpass the challenges faced by our beloved influencer, who now has to deal with an accusation of election rigging in the party's internal elections from a potential municipal council candidate. If proven true, we might witness practices we thought were exclusive to AKEL – not the new, renovated pink party, but the old AKEL, the all-red, orthodox one. The days when almost all internal elections were orchestrated.

"No need to opt for a candidate with a persona for the European elections," states Anita. It makes perfect sense to me, given the abundance of personalities within this country and its political parties. What shall we make of these characters?





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