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Nicosia takes on Turkish moves in Pyla, global reactions in focus

What exactly happened and why Nicosia's reaction to the Pyla incident matters globally

Pavlos Xanthoulis

Pavlos Xanthoulis

The events in the Pyla area represent a rare instance of proactive efforts by Nicosia to counter Turkish actions. Relevant security authorities had the information, and President Christodoulides, along with Foreign Minister Constantinos Kombos, took swift action by engaging international entities such as the UN and EU states. This was a proactive move to counter Ankara's agenda, which aims to extend occupation lines and connect Pyla with occupied Arsos. Nicosia's actions have been appropriately targeted and commendable. While Ankara worked deliberately to reshape the status quo, Nicosia's efforts in the preventive policy aspect were successful. However, the dependency on international actors remains challenging.


- Reactions were limited and quickly faded, focusing solely on Turkish Cypriots.
- International bodies avoided implicating Turkey in the Pyla events, despite clear knowledge of Ankara's involvement.
- Antonio Guterres disagreed with UNFICYP's description of events as a 'serious crime.'
- Russia delayed a Security Council statement, giving Ankara time to deflect responsibility.
- The Security Council's statement criticized Turkish Cypriot actions against peacekeepers but did not address the core issue.

These developments should be a wake-up call for Nicosia. It must acknowledge that the effectiveness of its actions hinges on third-party actors, who are cautious about displeasing Ankara. As seen in their political behavior, they avoid attributing responsibility to Turkey even in clear situations. If they downplay such actions, how can one expect them to address larger issues, such as the Cyprus problem? The lack of accountability raises questions about resolving the problem based on a mutually agreed framework. This trend is evident even in state media, like ERT, which attributed blame to Turkish Cypriots rather than Turkey for the events in Pyla.

[This article was translated from its Greek original]

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