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Newly released video reveals intense confrontation in Pyla buffer zone

Video depicts violent encounter as UN Peacekeepers confront unauthorized construction, leaving two peacekeepers injured


A newly surfaced video sheds light on the events that transpired on Friday (18/8) in the Pyla buffer zone. The video depicts Turkish Cypriots launching an assault on UN peacekeepers who were preventing unauthorized construction activity.

The footage, shared on social media, provides a detailed account of the intense clashes that unfolded between Turkish Cypriots and UN peacekeepers.

Recalling the incident, UN personnel had moved to the area to halt road construction, which violated the established status quo. This action led to escalating tensions, as groups of Turkish Cypriots physically targeted certain UNFICYP members and inflicted damage upon peacekeeping vehicles.

It's worth noting that the attack resulted in injuries to four peacekeepers.

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