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UN Peacekeepers hospitalized after assault in Pyla buffer zone

Turkish Cypriot personnel attack UN Peacekeepers; UNFICYP condemns assaults and calls for withdrawal

Source: CNA

Three UN peacekeepers are being treated in hospital after an assault within the buffer zone near Pyla by personnel of the Turkish Cypriot side earlier in the day.

Spokesperson of the UN Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) Aleem Siddique told CNA that there is one wounded and two with serious injuries.

One peacekeeper, he added, suffered a head wound.

All are being treated in hospital.

Personnel of the Turkish Cypriot side attacked UN peacekeepers in the buffer zone near Pyla village on Friday morning, the UN peacekeeping force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) said in a press release condemning the assaults and calling the Turkish Cypriot side to respect its mandated authority inside the buffer zone and to withdraw all personnel and machinery immediately.

The incident took place inside the buffer zone near Pyla/Pile as UN peacekeepers blocked unauthorized construction work in the area.

“UNFICYP condemns the assaults against UN peacekeepers and damage to UN vehicles by personnel from the Turkish Cypriot side this morning,” the press release noted.

Furthermore, it stressed that “threats to the safety of UN peacekeepers and damage to UN property are unacceptable and constitute a serious crime under international law which will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”

UNFICYP called on the Turkish Cypriot side “to respect the mission’s mandated authority inside the UN buffer zone, refrain from any actions that could escalate tensions further and withdraw all personnel and machinery from the UN buffer zone immediately.”

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