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Politics Blog: King Charles and Anastasiades

From King Charles' surprising choices to Instagram queens and the battle for solar power, Cyprus weaves a tale of eccentricity and intrigue



I came across the news that King Charles had bestowed an honor upon Anastasiades, and I must admit, at first I felt a shiver, then I was suddenly engulfed by a wave of both national and emotional sentiments.  Various thoughts cross my mind, including the entertaining notion that we might have issued a passport to the King of England. However, reading further, the confusion is dispelled: the honoree is another Anastasiades, a Distinguished Designer. No matter, there's always next time. I'll patiently await until our beloved Anastasiades receives his due honor.

Young Nick announces plans for sending further aid to Gaza. Hopefully, our next attempt will be a tad more organized because what has been sent so far has been of less value than the fuel powering the ship that aimlessly carried it around for days. And as for our Foulli? Naturally, he commented with a succinct "no comment"! The laconic approach is indeed a form of philosophy!

"I know some people are waiting for me in the corner," declares the Instagram queen, and a malicious onlooker - who is indeed waiting in the corner - sarcastically commented in a tavern, saying, "Let them renovate the Pindarou building by making it round so that it no longer has corners." Cold-hearted. You know who you are. Shame on you. The Instagram queen is poised to transform into a chess queen and obliterate the pawns of the coup.

The occupation regime claims, "Only half a kilometer is left to complete the road to Pyla." Yes, I'm referring to the road that, for some reason, we mistakenly thought had its construction suspended. Ultimately, with Erdogan flirting more intensely with Greece, Panathinaikos hiring a Turkish coach, and the international community grappling with more serious issues than the now-defunct Cyprus problem, I fear we'll need something more - and clearer - than invisible measures to salvage what can be salvaged.

The news reports how EAC is refunding money to consumers after identifying incorrect charges. Imagine, though, the countless times when EAC went unnoticed and, consequently, didn't refund a single euro. And touching on the subject of the obtuse Authority, it should be noted that - as expected - it's attempting to hinder the Photovoltaics for All program, turning it into Photovoltaics for a Few. It won't succeed this time, despite peculiar suggestions to the short guy in the tie. The river doesn't flow backward, and the time is approaching when every scoundrel will take their seat, and our sun will sit on its throne.

[This op-ed was translated from its Greek original]

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