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Tatar to stick to 'alternative solutions' approach

Ersin Tatar insists that the chapter on a federal solution to the Cyprus problem has been slammed shut, and appears open to talks as long as these are on 'alternative solutions'

Nikos Stelgias

Nikos Stelgias

The new Turkish Cypriot leader will in a few hours be meeting with the President of the Republic, and will insist on the basic tenets of his pre-election manifesto.

Well-informed sources from the Turkish Cypriot community told “K” that Ersin Tatar insists that the chapter on a federal solution to the Cyprus problem has been slammed shut.

Just hours before the meeting of the two leaders, sources focused on three parameters. First, they stressed that after a long period of time, Ankara and the Turkish Cypriot leadership are in tune on a range of issues including the Cyprus problem.

“There is no question of Ankara imposing a strategy on the Turkish side. This is because the principles and views of the Turkish Cypriot right on the Cyprus problem are now 100% identical with those of Ankara", our sources insist.

Secondly, with regard to the Cyprus problem, Tatar insists on the fact that the window of opportunity for a federal solution to the Cyprus problem was closed once and for all in Crans-Montana. At this stage, Tatar posits, continuing efforts toward a federal solution would be a waste of valuable time.

Finally, as regards the model for a solution to the Cyprus problem, Tatar has prepared himself for all developments during his meeting with President Nicos Anastasiades, as long as the model assumes an ‘aleternative formula’.

“Let's sit at the table as long as we have first come up with a debatable solution formula", “K”'s sources conclude.

Who’s managing the opening of Varosha?

These positions are true at a time when a fresh discussion is emerging among the Turkish Cypriot community regarding whether Turkish leadership was bypassed in the reopening of Varosha.

The Turkish Cypriot opposition, including Kudret Ozersay, is currently arguing that the reopening of Varosha is being exclusively managed by Ankara, a claim Tatar categorically denies. In fact, Tatar has insisted that a Turkish Cypriot management of Varosha will be maintained regardless of developments in the Cyprus problem.

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