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93 new coronavirus cases in Cyprus

Once again, the ministry hadn't managed to look into today's cases, but said the majority of yesterday's 51 cases involved Limassol residents


New coronavirus cases detected in the Republic of Cyprus continued spiralling upwards, with the record broken for the second time in a week on Thursday when 93 new cases were announced.

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According to the health ministry, the new cases emerged after 3,877 tests were conducted, raising total known cases to 2,274.

Once again, the ministry said it was still looking into the new cases, and information on how they were detected and the people that tested positive will be issued once the contact tracing team completes their investigation.

As Knews reported earlier on Thursday, the contact tracing team has over the recent period been struggling to manage its workflow due to the highly concerning flare-up of the virus, with the team being urgently boosted with more manpower.

Though details on Thursday’s cases weren’t known yet, the ministry issued information on Wednesday’s 51 new cases.

The majority of the cases involved Limassol residents who are contacts of other known cases and others who got tested after developing symptoms.

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