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Allegations of bank interference surrounding reshuffle speculations

Speculations on Irene Piki's potential Finance Minister role take a twist with leaked claims, but banks remain cautious


In the midst of last week's political reshuffle speculations, with Irene Piki, the current Deputy Minister to the President, being touted as the likely successor to the Finance Ministry, a new leak from the President's office raised eyebrows, suggesting "interventions by banks and economic agents in favor of Maki Keravnos' stay."

This revelation prompted an in-depth investigation by our column, aiming to shed light on the alleged interference. However, our findings indicate that there were no discernible interventions by banks in the matter. The absence of such actions may reflect an elevated level of caution within financial institutions when dealing with the Presidential Office, suggesting that claims of "Bank interference" may serve as a smokescreen to divert attention.

While the column has diligently examined potential bank involvement, it is essential to note that these financial entities are exercising prudence, possibly in response to the delicate nature of their interactions with the Presidential Office.

As the investigation continues, the question of whether there was any intervention by the supermarket association remains unanswered. The column has not yet cross-checked this particular piece of information, leaving the possibility open for further revelations.

This intriguing development adds another layer of complexity to the ongoing political landscape, raising questions about the motivations behind the leak and the potential implications for both Maki Keravnos and the speculated Finance Ministerial appointment of Irene Piki. The story unfolds, and the column remains committed to providing updates as more details emerge.


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