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Carbo One and Cyprus NOC presented their partnership in the run-up to the Olympics

The event took place at the Olympic House in Nicosia on Monday 29 July


Press Release

Carbo One Limited has joined the sponsorship family of the Cyprus National Olympic Committee, in the category of Major Sponsor, as announced by the Cyprus NOC on Monday, 29 July 2019, during an event at the Olympic House in Nicosia. The collaboration of the NOC with Carbo One, one of the largest companies in Cyprus, is an important step forward for the Committee in achieving its goals in the pre-Olympic year we are currently going through.

During Monday's Conference, it was announced that Carbo One also took part in the separate sponsorship program of the Cyprus NOC titled “Adopt an Athlete on the Way to Tokyo 2020”. Through this program, the NOC hopes to create a wide range of support from companies, organizations, institutions and individuals of the country towards the athletes of the pre-Olympic team, further assisting them in the great effort they make for the best representation of Cyprus in the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo. Carbo One chose to “adopt” the gymnastics team of Cyprus, namely the athletes Marios Georgiou, Elias Georgiou, Tom Nicolaou (artistic) and Victoria Skittide (rhythmic).

The ceremony was attended, in particular, by the Advisor of the President of the Republic on Sport, Mr. Phivos Zachariades, representatives from the Ministry of Education, the general director and members of the board of the Cyprus Sports Organization, representative from the Russian embassy and sponsors of the NOC, presidents and representatives of sports organizations and federations athletes of our pre-Olympic team from the sport of gymnastics.

Michaelides: “Partners with great enthusiasm”

In his address, the President of the Cyprus Olympic Committee, Mr. Dinos Michaelides, noted: “Since June, when the Cyprus National Olympic Committee and Carbo One signed their sponsorship agreement, we can say that after several weeks of working together we have found partners with great enthusiasm and desire to help us achieve the great goals of the Olympic Committee, which are the best possible participation at the Olympic Games and the promotion of the Olympic Values. The cooperation of the Cyprus Olympic Committee and Carbo One is based on the key Olympic principles: RESPECT - FRIENDSHIP - DIFFERENCE. ”.

The General Director of the NOC, Mrs. Olga Piperidou Chrysafi, in her own statement, after welcoming Carbo One to the sponsorship family of the NOC, said: “Both the inclusion of Carbo One in our sponsorship family and its additional support in our project ‘Adopt an Athlete on the Road to Tokyo’, will contribute heavily in the fulfilment of the goals of the Cyprus National Olympic Committee and its athletes and will make their road to the Olympic Games ever easier”.

Carbo One: “Beginning of a Great Partnership”

On behalf of Carbo One, Director Mrs. Katerina Christou noted: “Today’s event we hope will seal the beginning of a great collaboration. It is a great honor to cooperate with the Cyprus Olympic Committee as one of its major sponsors. The route for participation in the Olympic Games is full of obstacles and forges the character of an athlete, it is a painful marathon on the road to excellence. Collaboration, hard work, insight and appetite for improvement are just some of the virtues needed to reach this goal. Carbo One Ltd could not keep away from this effort, so with great pleasure, beyond our sponsorship to the NOC, we will also be adopting four talented athletes through the ‘Adopt an athlete on the road to Tokyo 2020’ program. Victoria Skittide, Marios Georgiou, Tom Nicolaou and Elias Georgiou, good luck, we are at your side”.

Info on Carbo One

Carbo One Limited is one of the largest coal trading companies in the world with annual sales of about 80 million tonnes. The intentions and efforts of the company are directed at providing its customers with high-quality products which satisfy their technological requirements and enable them to meet strict environmental conditions.

As a reliable supplier of high quality products and services, the company has relationships with customers from all over the world. Power stations, cement works, steel mills, households and other consumers from more than 40 countries burn coal supplied by Carbo One.

Carbo One aims for permanent and sustainable community development. The company is committed to supporting local community projects and activities. Its Corporate Community Engagement Programme is focused on education, health, youth, culture and sport. Environmental protection and care for our future generations are among the major priorities of the company.

Carbo One Limited, being a socially responsible company, actively supports ecological, cultural, sporting and charity events around the globe and clearly recognizes the crucial importance of participating in events aimed at environmental protection and developing a harmonious and healthy society in the modern world.

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