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Christodoulides reflects on his first year in office

Cyprus President to address the nation tonight, but exclusion of print, online, and radio media raises concerns


On the anniversary of completing one year in office, President Nicos Christodoulides is set to present his inaugural report tonight, detailing the progress made since his inauguration in the areas of Cyprus, the economy, and internal governance.

The Inter-Ministerial Press Conference, scheduled for 20:30, will be broadcast live on prominent channels such as RIK, ANT1, OMEGA, SIGMA, ALPHA, and the Government's Facebook page. The event kicks off with a 15-minute statement by the President, followed by a Q&A session with news directors from private channels and the RIK editor. The conference is expected to conclude around 22:00.

Following the President's address, government ministers will provide their insights on the current situation in a subsequent press conference. Notably, the President's report coincides with a perceived decline in his image and popularity, prompting questions about strategies to reverse this trend. Aside from communication tactics, three pivotal issues—cohesion in the governing body, the Cyprus problem, and economic and energy concerns—will likely shape the government's course.

The exclusion of print, online, and radio media from the press conference has sparked criticism. Union of Editors President George Fragos denounced this move, emphasizing the importance of including diverse media sectors in the first annual review of the administration's work.

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