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Cloudy interludes and showers in the spotlight

Cloudy crescendo and evening rain


In the grip of a high-pressure system, our region is experiencing atmospheric shifts. Today, brace for sporadic cloud cover, hinting at the possibility of isolated showers.

Winds, initially dancing from the northwest to northeast, will later waltz into a southwest to northwest routine, maintaining a gentle to moderate tempo. The sea, stirred but not shaken, will be slightly rough.

As night falls, expect a encore of intermittent clouds, accompanied by northwest to northeast winds. In the north, however, a touch of southeast winds will join the performance at a mild 3 Beaufort.

The sea's rhythm will remain slightly rough. Thermometers will bow to the night, with temperatures dipping to around 14 degrees inland, a graceful 16 at the coast, and a crisp 8 in the lofty mountains.

Thursday's forecast brings acts of increased cloudiness, setting the stage for isolated showers in the late afternoon and evening, particularly in the western half of the island.

Friday follows suit with a rhythm of intermittent clouds, perhaps teasing us with isolated showers.

Saturday's performance opens with clear skies, but don't leave early; the script calls for a transformation into a cloud-covered stage with local showers and isolated thunderstorms, stealing the spotlight mainly in the evening.

Despite these atmospheric theatrics, the temperature remains an unwavering character, refusing significant changes over this three-day production, consistently staying above the average mark.

[Information sourced from Cyprus Met Service]

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