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Cyprus’ high risk cases keep testing negative

High risk cases in Cyprus climb to five after Indian man who traveled to Milan is quarantined


More travelers returning to Cyprus from high risk countries are contacting authorities over fears of coronavirus infection, while the number of quarantined cases keeps rising on the island but no case has been confirmed.

A 28-year-old Indian male, who tested negative to the novel coronavirus after a flight from Milan, was quarantined on Monday after exhibiting symptoms, including fever.

Officials said it was a matter of time until coronavirus infection could be confirmed in Cyprus, while experts believe the probability of an infection is lower as weather improves

According to local reports, the man contacted state authorities after he noticed a rise in his body temperature, with an ambulance rushing him to Limassol General Hospital according to health protocols for high-risk coronavirus infection.

Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou on Monday wrote on Twitter that the suspected carrier tested negative to the COVID-19, adding that four others continued to test negative.

An Israeli female flight attendant and three other women who traveled to Milan remain quarantined in the Republic of Cyprus after coming into contact with confirmed cases. Their isolation is taking place in quarantine facilities high up in the mountains.

It was not clear whether the Indian man, whose roommates were also asked to remain in isolation, came into contact with a confirmed case. The young man returned to Cyprus on February 25 after a month long trip to Italy, reports said.

Officials said it was a matter of time until coronavirus infection could be confirmed in Cyprus, while experts remain optimistic that the probability of an infection is getting lower as weather improves.

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