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Cyprus remains under flood watch

Yellow warning issued for Thursday due to chances of heavy or prolonged showers


A late night yellow weather alert has been issued for Cyprus due to chances of heavy or prolonged showers as well as low barometric pressure moving eastwards from Greece.

Weather officials issued on Wednesday a weather alert going into effect after midnight, starting Thursday morning at 1am and lasting through the afternoon at 4pm.

The weather alert is in effect Thursday morning and afternoon

Eastbound heavy showers over the Ionian Sea are also expected to affect Cyprus weather after midnight.

Wednesday late night skies will be mostly cloudy with rain turning into heavy showers after midnight. In some cases, rainfall will be prolonged and severe, with rain accumulation likely exceeding 50 millimeters in a six-hour period.

Temperature lows are expected to register at 11° degrees Celsius in the interior, around 14 along the coast, and 5 degrees up in the mountains where frost is also expected to form.

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