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Cyprus winemakers to receive €22 million in EU support

The move is not meant to dole out financial support alone, but to incorporate the Ministry’s strategy for the sector

Source: CNN

Cyprus through the National Plan for the wine sector will provide viticulturists and winemakers with more than €22 million of support from EU funds by October 2023, Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and the Environment Petros Xenofontos said on Sunday. Addressing the 10th Cypriot Wine Exhibition, Xenofontos said the National Plan aims to disburse the same amount by 2027.

He said that the plan, which he described as an excellent tool for the support of the wine sector, was put in place during the period of 2019 – 2023.

Xenofontos noted that in the context of Cyprus’ Strategic Plan as part of the EU Common Agricultural Policy period of 2023 – 2027, the Ministry has drafted the sectoral interventions for the wine sector, noting that the interventions are not just financial support but incorporate the Ministry’s strategy for the sector.

As he noted, through the ongoing support plan viticulturists and winemakers will be provided with over €22 million until the plan’s conclusion on 15 October 2023.

“Our effort is through the plan to disburse a similar amount until 2027,” he added.

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